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September 15th, 2014

Hi folks welcome to my wonderful world of slutty girls! Yes if you like cute babes clad in stockings, little skirts, high heels and all sorts of other kinky clobber, getting shafted, by moi, then you’ve come to the right place! They’re all here; old, young, tall, small, fattish…..thin, all with one thing in common……….a hunger for dick! So, come on down and watch in wonder as I entice girls off the street, with my “£500.00 Challenges” or simply, “How much for a shag?” routine. I don’t care, all babes are welcome, if they’ve got a pulse, they’re in!!!” Join Jim on his adventures through the streets of London to pick up some hot British pussy. Approach the slutiest sluts of Britain for blowjobs, pussy penetration and arse shagging! Check out Jim Slip Here


wives flashing and fucking outside

September 13th, 2014
These pictures we took at this dogging site one night. We watched these two very sexy girls sucking cock, licking each others cunts and getting fucked. They even take a double facial and we carried on taking pictures while they were wiping cum from their faces. To see the complete dogging set visit British Doggers hereimage022.jpg



Couple fucking in the car park

September 11th, 2014

English amateurs give you an exclusive view into their wives, lives and sexual secrets. Genuine amateur movies that although are in variable quality. They are real life amateur hardcore movies. The movies on these galleries are just a few low resolution samples for you too see what great exclusive movies we have. For the full length high quality movies. In this video clip we see this husband and wife suck and fuck in the car park join us at our site here to watch the full length movie

Dogging Locations In Warwickshire

September 9th, 2014

Dogging locations in and around Warwickshire the dogging locations in the UK change regulary. Please let us know of any new dogging locations around Warwickshire you have found so we can keep our list up to date.

  • Barr Beacon car park
  • Hayward Nature Reserve
  • Stone Bridge Island.
  • Sutton Coldfield Park,
  • Burton Dassett Hills Country Park
  • Ryton Pools
  • Bescot Station Car-Park.
  • West Bromwich Park
  • Sandwell Valley Country Park.

What is toothing

September 7th, 2014
Toothing was originally a media hoax that claimed that Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones or PDAs were being used to arrange random sexual encounters.It appears that toothing started around March 2004, in the form of a fake forum designed by Ste Curran, then Editor at Large at games magazine Edge, and ex-journalist Simon Byron. On April 4, 2005, the creators of the forum admitted that the whole thing was a hoax.

In toothing, a Bluetooth device is used to ‘discover’ other enabled devices within about 30 feet (10 meters), then send the expression toothing? as an initial greeting. In addition, or when sending of text messages via Bluetooth is not possible, the Bluetooth name of the phone can be set to toothing? or something else to indicate interest.

Although created as a hoax, bluetoothing merged the very credible concepts of short-range wireless networking and desire for sexual partners. Recent news from more credible sources shows some evidence of real usage of bluetooth for this purpose in (generally concurred) public places. Given the limited functionality and poor usability of standard bluetooth implementations to support messaging, it is not surprising that wider usage of it would only arise in extreme dating situations. Bluetoothing is an example of localized social networking, which is becoming increasingly popular via products such as Jambo, Enpresence, DodgeBall, MobiLuck, Easy Jack,Crunkie, MamJam, Cellphedia, and Playtxt. A related term is MoSoSo (Mobile Social Software) and a recent entrant in this category is a Windows-based application called My MoSoSo. Nokia has released a product called Sensor which standardizes many of the original concepts guiding the creation of the hoax.

Bi girlfriends put on a show outside

September 5th, 2014
These two bi girlfriends put on a lesbian show for us outside in this dogging spot. Licking each others cunts and using dildo’s on each other. One of these swing sluts boyfriends took the pictures and the other had a double blowjob. The set has a great climax were these two swinging bi babes eat this guys cum with us all watching. To see the complete series of these exhibitionists visit British Doggers hereset245006.jpg



British amateurs fucking on public transport

September 3rd, 2014

Meet Terry. He’s a hung ebony stud with a huge following. Girls will do anything to see him and they’ll go even further for the chance to fuck him. Terry takes advantage of this by making a bunch of white girls get wild in public places on his behalf. If he thinks their performance is hot enough, he’ll nail them like they’ve never been fucked before. If he thinks that their public actions aren’t outrageous enough, he’ll skip it and just film them. These girls are willing to do almost anything in public places to please Terry and get a dose of his big black cock. See More Terryvision Outdoor Nudity Here

American exhibitionists fuck and flash on film

September 1st, 2014

See this cute american flasher on the streets of L.A in this hardcore exhibitionist movie from America. This dirty whore goes out in the town and finds guys to watch her play with herself. They also join in and put their handsevery where, including up her ass hole and cunt. The flashing movie finishes when this exhibitionist slut finds a guy to fuck her. They suck and fuck outside while we watch and other guys watch. Click here to see more Asses In Public!

Essex girls outside getting ready for anal

August 30th, 2014
Summer in Essex, you can forget the Rio carnival because if you really need to get laid Essex girls are amongst the finest in the world. This Road Trip I bloody missed the early fun. Rebekah arrived a little pissed but brought the blonde bombshell Mellissa Walker to play, Yes they played alright so I am told because I was left in bed as punishment for not picking them up, they played with each other they had four love eggs up their pussies and tight arseholes, double dildo passion, shit I missed some good UK porn. In these small clips taken from the full length movie one slut gets the cock and the other sluts arse ready for some arse fucking. To see the complete full length movie visit UK Road Trips here

Dogging Locations In Sussex

August 28th, 2014

Dogging locations in and around Sussex the dogging locations in the UK change regulary. Please let us know of any new dogging locations around Sussex you have found so we can keep our list up to date.

  • Chailey Common Nature Reserve
  • Arundel - Haughton Picnic area
  • Devils Dyke
  • Littlehampton, Borstal Road
  • Ditchling Common
  • Turners Hill Vowels Lane Car park
  • Friston Forest.
  • Telscombe Cliffs
  • Climping beach
  • Hastings Country Park
  • Goring Gap
  • Selhurst Wood Car Park
  • Ashdown Forest
  • High Salvington
  • Whiteways lodge
  • Horsham park
  • High Salvington car-park.

American dogging movie

August 26th, 2014


Watch this wild fun exhibitionist shocked the guys we found on the street. In this flashing film that I took in Los Angeles (down town of course) this wild flashing slut was flashing her great arse and big boobs to any men that we found out on the street or in shops. We went into a shop and found some strange man and this slut gave him a hand job while I filmed it. This dirty exhibitionist cunt wanted to get cock in her mouth up her cunt and in her ass outside as she was desperate because of all the exhibitionist fun and so I got a man to fuck her hard in some dirty back street while I filmed it all on video. Click here to see more Asses In Public!

Dogging locations Suffolk

August 24th, 2014

Dogging locations in and around Suffolk the dogging locations in the UK change regulary. Please let us know of any new dogging locations around Suffolk you have found so we can keep our list up to date.

  • Haughley Park car-park / picnic siteNeedham Lake
  • Ipswich Airport
  • Nacton picnic area
  • West stow country park,car park
  • Long Melford Picnic sitePakefield Car Park
  • Toby’s Walks off A12 by Blythburgh
  • Grove Road Marks and Spencer car park
  • Blythburgh common Swaffham woods

wife sucking two cocks ouside

August 22nd, 2014
In these pictures we shot our very sexy MILF wife outside sucking two cocks as well as getting a cock up her cunt and one in her arse. In the complete long series, this filthy wife cant get enough cock and lets these guys put their cocks anywhere they want. To see the complete series of our wife fucking and sucking these doggers outside visit British Doggers here



amateurs flashing outside then fucked at home on video

August 20th, 2014
It was time for some sexy fun on the beach of Southend in Essex or in one of the pubs rather! But even on our day off we carry our video cameras, just in case. And sure enough, all of a sudden we were confronted by two dirty young slappers with a real Essex reputation! To see the full length movie visit UK Road Trips Here



What is Carping

August 18th, 2014
I have noticed more and more doggers getting involved in carping. Carping comes from the activity of dogging. A carper is a person who engages in conversation with another person on a mobile phone (or through online chat) who is masturbating either publicly or privately.Many of the more experienced doggers (people who put on shows) invite carping by writing their telephone number on a cardboard box or large piece of paper and placing it on display inside their vehicle.

Carping is also the definition of one who chats with another while watching them perform live on a web cam. Although the original definition of the word came from the actual physical event, online dogging has adopted the slang for its own use.

Uk Roadtrip to: London

August 16th, 2014
UK Roadtrips presents The London Trip. This is the big one, the time when I feel the UK Road Trips really came together. Luckily I had Bob the Knob back; they finally found a drug that allowed him to be out in public for more than five minutes without getting his cock out. He lasted at least 6 minutes. The girl of my dreams joined me on this Road Trip, and although living with Rebekah Jordan, I knew my heart had been stolen by this woman, Sonia arrived, she is half Egyptian, and takes you to the banks of the Nile with one look into her eyes. We picked her up from the Station and no sooner was she in the wagon when her clothes were off and this stunningly beautiful dusky lady was writhing over my ever stiffening cock. Oh my God I knew this was gonna be a movie. We set off that evening in search of the perfect night out, we picked up the ever rampant Jo Marshall from good old Tooting, and set off for the Kings Road Chelsea, Sonia and Jo were the perfect combination of ladies to take out to London. We hit Hammersmith Palais one of the greatest clubs in the world, we pulled up outside as the crowds were waiting to get in, we ran past security and the girls went straight to party mode, what ensued I can only thank my lucky stars, we were whisked up to the V.I.P suite where we gave the 50 men strong security team a live two girl show then me and bob entered the equation and the girls. What a night in London. Here are three small clips of the night. To see the full length movie visit UK Road Trips here

tn1.jpg tn2.jpg tn3.jpg tn4.jpg

Dogging locations in surrey

August 14th, 2014
Dogging locations in and around Surrey the dogging locations in the UK change regulary. Please let us know of any new dogging locations around Surrey you have found so we can keep our list up to date.* Chobham Common.
* Holly Lane car park
* Cobham The common car-parks on the drive to the American School
* Shirley Hills the south car-park
* Esher Common car park
* Stanborough Lakes
* National Trust Woodland car-park
* Epsom Downs
* Hog’s Back on the Surrey Hills.
* Reigate Hill
* Nork park, just off the A217
* Hampton Hill
* Puttenham Common Top Car Park
* Ham House car-park
* Mercers Park
* Epsom racecourse
* West End Lane - Esher
* Ambarrow woods
* Wraycommon woods reigate
* Denham nature reserve
* St Anns Hill, Chertsey
* Elm Corner A3

sexy wife flashing her cunt outside

August 12th, 2014
This sexy housewife loves to go out flashing with her husband watching. Especially to passers by or doggers at her local dogging spot. In these pictures she is flashing her thong and pussy at the local park. We took these pictures of our exhibitionist wife while her husband kept look out. I had a great time doing the pictures and by the end of the set we had her fully naked with her legs spread wide open, while I took close up pictures of her wet cunt. To see the complete series of this exhibitionist visit British Doggers here


couple get caught having sex outside

August 10th, 2014
We were filming this couple outside fucking in there local dogging spot. When this guy runs past and takes a picture while this young British exhibitionist couple are fucking against this tree. That certainly puts our man off his stroke. To see the complete series of this dogging couple fucking. Check out British Doggers heresilvia-tibor01-130t1-045.jpg


Dogging locations in staffordshire

August 8th, 2014

Dogging locations in and around Staffordshire the dogging locations in the UK change regulary. Please let us know of any new dogging locations around Staffordshire you have found so we can keep our list up to date.

  • The Church Road Car parkWhisper Lane
  • Mow Cop castle
  • Jacksons Bankknypersley pool near biddulph
  • Bathpool Park car-parkRudyard Lake
  • Highgate CommonTunstall car park

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